International Collaborations on Geriatric Medicine

19 August 2019 | 14:02 Code : 2962 PICTURE NEWS textual news
Shahroud University of Medical Sciences and Centre Hospitalier de Charleville-Mezières (France) to strengthen bilateral collaborations on Geriatric Medicine

Shahroud University of Medical Sciences(ShUMS) and Centre Hospitalier de Charleville-Mezières (France) to strengthen international collaborations on Geriatric Medicine, Shahroud University of Medical Sciences has developed a forward-looking program to meet the future needs of the city and country.
To this end, a Memorandum of Understanding will be signed on December 2019 between ShUMS and French hospital, in the framework of international cooperation programs of university. Fortunately, these programs have received a significant attention and support from the Ministry of Health in Iran and France.

Dr Chaman; Chanceller of ShUMS and his vice chancellor of Treatment; Dr Shaibani, Dr Shati; Head of the Department of Elderly Health in Iranian Ministry of Health and Dr. Fariba Teymoori; Head of the Department of Elderly from Centre Hospitalier de Charleville-Mezières, and Monsieur Auboin François, a representative of the French team, visited the hospital and the university. 
Meanwhile,Dr. Shati provided comprehensive and detailed information on the situation of the elderly in Iran, emphasizing the need to revise the elderly care programs. Dr Teymoori eagerly appreciated the full report of the Health Ministry representative and announced that she and her colleagues in France are keen to share their experiences with the health sector and even provide a number of specialists for short-term training programs with the purpose of applying their experiences in Iranian native models to the elderly society of Shahroud city.

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